We make solid wood furniture

As the Bassano Furniture Tradition requires, Bam.art produces furniture and furnishings entirely from solid wood, in walnut, cherry and oak. Engravings or inlays are made that give uniqueness, value and elegance to the product.
Attention and refinement are also put into the choice of hardware: hinges locks and keys that faithfully reproduce the furniture of the past.

Our “tailor-made” service offers you the opportunity to create customized and unique furniture that perfectly suits your needs and style. Thanks to our extensive experience and attention to detail, we can design and manufacture custom-made furniture that meets all your requirements.

We have a wide range of customization options, from sizes to materials, from finishes to design details, so you can create a fully customized product.

Our team of highly skilled designers and craftsmen will help you through every step of the process, from design to the realization of the final product.

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